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descriptionDiscontinuation of Mystery boxes and regulations on loot boxes EmptyDiscontinuation of Mystery boxes and regulations on loot boxes

Because of aggressive attempts of various states esp. Washington, they discontinued our favorite mystery boxes.

Now flowplay should start making new features instead of new items after they solve the flash issue with the incoming 2020 deadline. Or I'll have the perception of them shutting down anytime soon.

I know that ourworld used to be danceplanet but come on, it's 2019. We need new things than just logging on, doing the flow cheat, going on parties to afk and mugging people to buy our shit.

Maybe they could add some features like:

1. Housing revamp and multiple types of housing/place options. Not just a tiny condo. (First we choose the layout of the land, it can be big as a freakin zoo or as small as a japanese apartment.

2. Actual furnitures with real features. If you ever played smallworlds, then you'll understand me. They have cannons, npcs tryng to kill you, slippery tiles, board games, music players, torches, lighting features and etc.

3. Implement DoomWood island inside ourworld. Sometimes you just want to smack people inside a virtual game. Like maybe make it a last man standing mode like the normal tournament style game to prevent cheating. (See number 5)

4. Player created missions, missions on ourworld are boring as heck. If they can just build a good system of allowing us to customize places and set-up missions, ourworld would be a better place.

5. Add player stats per level and cap it at level 100. Maybe stats like speed, health, strength, defense.

6. Pirate island or maybe a space station where we can do expeditions and stuff where we can buy spaceship guns, rockets, teleporters, shields, hull, cargo and etc.

7. Switchable professions like chef, farmer, dancer, doctor, engineer, etc. ( example: Farmer grows things that chefs can cook, food give buffs, doctors that can administer debuffs like diarrhea from food, migraines from space travel, or hospitalized doomwood players, engineer that can repair and uograde ships, etc.)

8. Make contests actually challenging and rewarding. Revamo the whole thing. And the list goes on

Possibilities are endless but the devs seems unmotivated enough to do some game-changing features. But seems like all they want to do is fill our inventories with "rares" and sell us inventory expansion kits.

I still want to be optimistic but my curiosity of what this game can still offer for us in the future is fading. They just give us updates on the new and upcoming items but no development plans or updates on things. And disclosing those plans is very important. They better keep us updated on the things they do, the features they are working on, their goals with the game and such things. But seems like after many many years, they lack motivation.

I'm afraid that time will come where we open up our emails and see "Ourworld is shutting down" type of thing. And when that time comes I hope they inform us earlier unlike Smallworlds that milked us with the insane sales a week before announcing that they are shutting down.

Now, if I asked you what is the best existing feauture of the game that you really want to sink hours of your life. What is it?

descriptionDiscontinuation of Mystery boxes and regulations on loot boxes EmptyRe: Discontinuation of Mystery boxes and regulations on loot boxes

These sound freakin amazing and they're all such great ideas! I really hope someone from ourWorld HQ sees this cause this will change the whole game and bring them more players. I also do the daily oW routine: log-in, change my outfit a few times, do the flow cheat, check out parties and then AFK! I really hate that! I just wish it could be different and much more entertaining.
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